Are you beginning the daunting process of a rebrand? Don't worry! We have the essential rebranding checklist ready for you.

Download your free 5-page rebranding checklist of 30 tasks needing to be addressed during a brand overhaul.

Branding_BookThumbnail_General On average, companies re-visit their brand every 5-10 years. This self-reflection lets businesses think about their overall image and marketing strategies, announce a new phase, communicate a new vision and mission, and realize the importance of a simple brand. 

With this checklist you will be able to:

  • Identify and streamline look and function 
  • Define your positioning statement, vision and mission
  • Recognize internal and market challenges
  • And much more!
Remember that branding is an organic and never-ending process. Following this checklist is only the beginning of a very exciting and rewarding journey.